Day: April 20, 2019

The high cost of being broke: Dental care

Source: Dana Bate/ Broke in Philly In February, one of Amanda Dornheim’s teeth started hurting. For a while, she put off dealing with it. She was uninsured — and hadn’t been to a dentist in two years. But even after she was enrolled in Medicaid, she couldn’t find a dentist who would take her plan or was accepting new patients. Dornheim, who lives in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, makes an hourly wage at Victoria’s Secret and

Will This Health Expense Bust Your Retirement Budget? It’s unavoidable — and potentially very costly.

Source: Maurie Backman/ The Motley Fool It’s no secret that medical care is a huge burden for retirees on a fixed income. And while many seniors fear that a single hospital stay could be enough to drive them into bankruptcy, there’s another expense that could end up putting their retirement at risk: dental care. Though dental care is a clear necessity for working Americans and seniors alike, older folks need to be even more vigilant

The amount of the average emergency medical bill is staggering

Source: Allison Sadlier/ NY Post Ever delayed a dental or medical procedure because of your wallet? You’re far from alone since one in two Americans have postponed a procedure due to cost, according to new research. A study examining how people pay for unexpected medical or dental bills found that four in five people have experienced the shock of a medical emergency within their immediate family, with many forced to turn to unorthodox methods to