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Nearly 40% of Americans can’t cover a surprise $400 expense

Source: Alain Sherter / CBS News Although unemployment in the U.S. is at its lowest level since 1969, roughly 4 in 10 Americans would struggle covering a $400 emergency expense, Federal Reserve data show. 17% of U.S. adults are unable to pay all of their bills in full every month, according to the Fed data. A quarter of Americans skipped necessary medical care in 2018 because they couldn’t afford the cost. Nearly 40 percent of

The Truth About Dentistry

Source: Ferris Jabr/ The Atlantic In the early 2000s Terry Mitchell’s dentist retired. For a while, Mitchell, an electrician in his 50s, stopped seeking dental care altogether. But when one of his wisdom teeth began to ache, he started looking for someone new. An acquaintance recommended John Roger Lund, whose practice was a convenient 10-minute walk from Mitchell’s home, in San Jose, California. Lund’s practice was situated in a one-story building with clay roof tiles

Is your greedy dentist ripping you off with unnecessary visits?

Source: Kirsten Fleming/ New York Post It’s a widely held belief that patients need to see their dentist for cleanings every six months — but is there science propping up the idea of biannual dentist visits? Dr. Michael Glick, a diagnostic science professor specializing in oral medicine from the University of Buffalo, admits there is very little hard data to support the guidelines. “Dentists will hate me for saying this, but the popular idea of

The high cost of being broke: Dental care

Source: Dana Bate/ Broke in Philly In February, one of Amanda Dornheim’s teeth started hurting. For a while, she put off dealing with it. She was uninsured — and hadn’t been to a dentist in two years. But even after she was enrolled in Medicaid, she couldn’t find a dentist who would take her plan or was accepting new patients. Dornheim, who lives in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, makes an hourly wage at Victoria’s Secret and

Will This Health Expense Bust Your Retirement Budget? It’s unavoidable — and potentially very costly.

Source: Maurie Backman/ The Motley Fool It’s no secret that medical care is a huge burden for retirees on a fixed income. And while many seniors fear that a single hospital stay could be enough to drive them into bankruptcy, there’s another expense that could end up putting their retirement at risk: dental care. Though dental care is a clear necessity for working Americans and seniors alike, older folks need to be even more vigilant

The amount of the average emergency medical bill is staggering

Source: Allison Sadlier/ NY Post Ever delayed a dental or medical procedure because of your wallet? You’re far from alone since one in two Americans have postponed a procedure due to cost, according to new research. A study examining how people pay for unexpected medical or dental bills found that four in five people have experienced the shock of a medical emergency within their immediate family, with many forced to turn to unorthodox methods to

Dental benefit proposed for Medicaid recipients

Source: Joe Lawlor/ Portland Press Herald A bill introduced in the Maine Legislature would give access to preventive, diagnostic and restorative care for more than 100,000 Mainers. AUGUSTA — Tifani Pedro said Wednesday that if the Maine Legislature passes a bill to provide adult dental coverage for people with Medicaid, it would be life-changing for her health. The Old Town resident went to the state capital complex to testify in favor of a bill that

How health-care costs us $89 billion a year in lost tim

Source: Bertha Coombs/ CNBC Americans spend more time traveling and waiting for health appointments than for any other service, including getting driver’s licenses at motor vehicles agencies, according to new analysis from health research firm Altarum. On average, Americans spent 34 minutes to traveling to doctor appointments and 11 minutes waiting to be seen once they got there. Altarum estimates that the economic impact of all that time spent on travel and waiting for health

HENRY The Dentist Raises $10 Million To Expand Its Fleet Of Mobile Dental Practices

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — HENRY The Dentist (HENRY) announced the closing of a $10 million Series A financing, led by Forerunner Ventures, to expand its fleet of mobile dental practices to companies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York and additional states across the US. The funding will be used to accelerate growth of new vehicles to meet the demand from companies and patients for HENRY’s services. Kirsten Green joins the

Study: Heart Health May Begin In The Mouth

Source: Ann Kenda/ Arkansas Public Media Brushing and flossing may lower the risk of heart disease, a new study suggests. The observational study conducted by the Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Hiroshima University in Japan and presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in Chicagolast October looked at the tooth-brushing behavior of 682 people.  After adjusting for other factors, researchers found that those who did not follow the suggested brushing time of