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Democratic governors have bold ideas to transform health care: Harvard researchers

Source: Clare Fauke/ Eurekalert A new analysis published in the American Journal of Public Health finds competing visions for health reform among newly elected governors, including significant enthusiasm among Democrats for new public coveragRepublican and Democratic governors have strikingly different visions for the future of health care, according to a new analysis published in the American Journal of Public Health. While Republican leaders favor maintaining or shrinking public health insurance programs, Democratic leaders are advancing

Efforts to Expand Access to Oral Health Care to Continue in 2019

Source:   Jane Koppelman /Pew In 2019, many states are likely to continue efforts to expand access to dental care to more of their residents through multiple approaches, including extending dental coverage to those newly eligible for Medicaid and making greater use of dental therapists. Nationwide, oral disease rates are down and the proportion of Americans with dental insurance is up, but inequities persist in both health status and access to care. More than 73 million

Dem states take first step in appealing ObamaCare ruling

Source: LYDIA WHEELER AND JESSIE HELLMANN / THE HILL A coalition of Democratic states defending ObamaCare filed notice Thursday to appeal a recent federal court ruling that struck down the health-care law as unconstitutional, sparking what’s likely to be a lengthy legal fight that could reach the Supreme Court and influence the 2020 elections. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) said that by appealing to the Louisiana-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, the 17 states are standing up

Brace yourself: Arrival of ‘do-it-yourself’ orthodontics sparks dental turf war

Source: National Post The introduction to Canada last month of SmileDirectClub, a mail-order teeth straightening treatment that is supervised via oral selfies and dental impressions sent to the Nashville company’s contracted licensed dentists, is a classic case of industrial digital disruption. To judge from the acrimonious American experience since the company launched four years ago, and from the early concerns of Canadian professional associations, the road ahead could be perilous, with possible civil, regulatory, and

New federal law aims to improve access to dental care in struggling communities

Source: Mollie Parker, The Southern The Action for Dental Health law signed by the president last month is like the dental floss of federal initiatives: designed to reach those hard-to-reach people and places. Communities throughout Southern Illinois stand to benefit as the law specifically targets the advance of dental health care in struggling rural and urban communities, experts say. “I think you’ll see more programs develop out of that, allowing for more care in rural

Judge Who Ruled Against Obamacare Says It Can Stay In Place During Appeals

Source: Jonathan Cohn / Huffington Post The conservative federal judge who earlier this month ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional has issued a stay of his own opinion, which means the law will remain in effect as the appeals process goes forward. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, from Fort Worth, Texas, issued the stay Sunday evening and, to be clear, it does not mean he has reconsidered the case itself. On the contrary,

With $900 million price tag, Washington state will soon take over all school employee health care plans

Source: Seattle Times Heads up, teachers. And school-bus drivers and principals and attendance clerks and — well, just about anyone who works for a public school in Washington state. Big changes are coming to your health benefits once the state takes control of them starting next January. But a lot of behind-the-scenes work needs to happen before those workers and their families — as many as 300,000 individuals — even know what monthly premiums they