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Is your greedy dentist ripping you off with unnecessary visits?

Source: Kirsten Fleming/ New York Post It’s a widely held belief that patients need to see their dentist for cleanings every six months — but is there science propping up the idea of biannual dentist visits? Dr. Michael Glick, a diagnostic science professor specializing in oral medicine from the University of Buffalo, admits there is very little hard data to support the guidelines. “Dentists will hate me for saying this, but the popular idea of

Study: Heart Health May Begin In The Mouth

Source: Ann Kenda/ Arkansas Public Media Brushing and flossing may lower the risk of heart disease, a new study suggests. The observational study conducted by the Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Hiroshima University in Japan and presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in Chicagolast October looked at the tooth-brushing behavior of 682 people.  After adjusting for other factors, researchers found that those who did not follow the suggested brushing time of